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The resin can also be supplied in barrels, from a single barrel to tonne lots. For further information on barrel deliveries please contact Sustainable Composites Limited

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EcoComp®  UV-L resin                 

A revolution in sustainable resin technology. 

EcoComp® UV-L resin is guaranteed to contain 95% vegetable oil.  The remainder is an Ultra Violet initiator which can be activated by UV light sources or even the Sun itself. 

The product contains no VOC's and needs no acetone or other harmul solvents to clean up after use.

Working time is increased, as polymerisation does not take place until the resin is exposed to Ultra Violet light (typically 359nm).  Curing times vary according to the intensity of the light and depth of composite, but curing can be as little as 3 to 6 minutes.  Unused and unexposed material can be returned to the working container, saving yet more material and the environment. 

This material is ideal for use with woven glass strand mats. 

No materials need to be added as EcoComp® UV-L has the initiator already blended with the resin.  Curing can be carried out using standard UV tanning tubes.

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