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About Us - Sustainable Composites Ltd

In partnership with Movevirgo Limited Sustainable Composites Limited (SCL) was founded in January 2003 to develop a joint interest in the development of composite materials from sustainable sources. SCL are responsible for the Research and Development of materials and Movevirgo provide the production capability.

Over an eight-year period Movevirgo had developed and manufactured a number of hybrid composite solutions using a natural reinforcement with known man-made resin options. At the beginning of 2003 it was decided to separate the R&D function from the pressures of manufacturing, and SCL was established. This move delivered a more efficient R&D process, but still with access to production equipment and technology. It also signalled an intention to focus our R&D activity on the development of sustainable composites based on natural plant based resins.

This approach has proved extremely successful and the first stage of R&D culminated in the development and manufacture of the 'eco-board' - a balsa cored, hemp coated surfboard for the Eden Project. This project generated considerable media interest and helped to kick start sales of sustainable materials.

It is SCL's declared intention to seek funding for further development of natural resin systems and reinforcements, whilst at the same time providing a source of knowledge to existing and potential manufacturers.

We are currently collaborating with various companies, both locally and internationally on the production of surfboards using plant based resins. We have worked with the Combined Universities of Cornwall design department in Falmouth working on a number of projects including seating and table products, marine craft and clock faces.

SCL has formed a working relationship with Falmouth Marine College, who's boatbuilding department are currently using the resin to allow students to further develop production methods for small dinghies.

Further testing and evaluation of the EcoComp® UV-L resin has been carried out by Southampton University over the past two years (2013-2015). The valued help this has given in indepenedent validation of the resins performance is gratefully acknowledged, and has resulted in several papers being written and presented.


To find out more contact our Technical Director Steve Wilkinson (01209) 843 484 or use our online enquiry form to contact us.


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